Wednesday, April 16, 2008

li'l knitress

Well, I've just had a gander over itch by itch and saw things I don't even remember knitting. EEK. They're finished nonetheless. Then I was going through my regular blogs and came across a link to loobylu who had posted this amazing photo:

She's knitting an entire sweater! She's even got this knitting belt thing that you rest your right needle in. There are so many amazing knitting photos. Women knitting socks on the beach as they gather kelp, women knitting as they walk with huge baskets of peat on their backs. The Shetland knitters are not to be messed with. Those are some tough gals.

I think I'll get all of my unfinished knits together and take a photo. Might motivate me to actually FINISH something. It seems I get bored of the yarn and move on to some other yummy fleece before I ever finish. The only time I actually got something done was when I joined a craft show. I think I finished 15 hats in 3 weeks when I was pregnant with Silas. Only sold one at the show but had LOTS of gifts at the ready. Now they're gone and all I have is balls and balls of yarn.

Then theres the potting escapades...