Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bread, bread, bread and Neil.

So, I've been baking a lot of bread lately. Me and my little helpers, that is.

A while back, Mother Earth News had an article on baking bread in 5 mins/day. It's the best bread I've ever tasted. The method is based on the 'no knead' method that's been so popular lately. See here and here. It's been amazing every time. Sometimes I put raisins and cinnamon in it, sometimes cocoa and chocolate (dangerously delsih as Si will tell you) but mostly just plain. Next up, cheese and onion? Hmmm.

I've been using the 6:3:3:13 rule:
6 cups water
3 tablespoons yeast
3 tablespoons salt
13 cups unbleached white all purpose flour

Mix so you have a loose, wet dough. Let rise and collapse, put it in the fridge until you want to bake. It's easier to handle when it's cold. Loaves, pizza, sticky buns, it's a dough that's good to gough.

Today was spent baking bread, making pizza and hanging laundry. All to the sounds of Neil. I'm just trying to come down from the stellar show last night. Iron Maiden can't be that heavy live. I mean H E A V Y. I like me some heavy Neil. Of course, there was the dose of acoustic wonderfulness, backed up by his wife Peggy. So sweet.

Do yourself a favour, dig out Decade and rock. Then eat some good bread and have a nap. It'll make everything ok. If everything was already ok, it'll be even better.

Neil kicked my ass, in only the very, very best of ways. Neil on Earth Day singing Mother Earth. Ahhh.

Oh, and there's a yurt on our deck!!!! Wheeee! Can't wait to stare at the stars through that dome. Ooooooooo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Before Sunrise

I'm not referring to the fabulous film here, I've been up since 3AM. It's a crazy situation. Maybe I'm just all hyped up to see Neil on Wednesday, or maybe it's a case of contagious insomnia caught from Theresa. Maybe it's because I fell asleep with les 9PM. Chris fell asleep with Gray at like 7:30. It starts out with a story and next thing you know? Zzzzzzz. Needless to say, Chris is hard at work downstairs and I think I'll get myself a coffee and knit a little. Can't get all muddy just yet, though it's been a few days and I'm itching, the mud will have to wait.

The sky is just starting to blue. The most beautiful blue against the black mountains, then back up up up to black sky. I'm glad I'm up.

It just gets better and better, this life.

This life of bike rides, of raisin bread, of mud fights, of dreams, of scrunched noses.