Sunday, February 14, 2010

Comfort Zone.

Nothing to get you going again like some good material.

I'm sitting in a coffee shop in High Falls, NY. Made it safe and sound and landed with a thud on my pillows last night.

Let me just say, me in king size bed is not without it's challenges. I tucked some pillows around me, one over my face, you know, so it would feel like home and I could sleep. Typically, someone's foot or leg is draped over my face, but not last night. It's a little bit sad, really. I've come to love those little toes in my face, and warm bodies snuggled in together.

I'm seizing these moments though. Doing my best and getting out of my comfort zone...though, strangely, I'm not as uncomfortable as I thought I'd be...which, again, makes me a little uncomfortable. Must be all of those pre-trip emotional meltdowns. I did lots of prep work, you see.

And these definitely help:
I've made a few card drops today. Here and about I've been leaving these quote cards on people's windshields, in grocery stores, parked strollers, potted plants and windowsills. It's so much fun. You should definitely try it. A dear friend found these and spread the joy over the holidays. Thanks S! Make your own or print off from Kind Over Matter. I was taking pictures of my fine card drops, trying to be ever so inconspicuous and was kindly asked if I was a photographer. "No," I said, "I just like to take pictures...(voice trails) I guess maybe I am?"

I'm making, painting(thanks again, S!), knitting, journalling(thanks T!). Tomorrow I'll be muddy. For now, I'm off to find a bottle of wine and some chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the ti-grrrrrrrrrrr.

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Tricia said...

you make me smile!