Monday, February 15, 2010

let's jet.

So I've been having me some making time since I left on Friday. In all those lineups for baggage, customs, waiting to get on planes, my poor little passport looked so cold and naked. It was keeping warm in my wallet for the most part, but it was a pain in the ass to open my wallet everytime I needed it or my boarding pass. Plus, I felt like it would have been fun to have something fun to look at, so I made this:
I brought some wool felt with me to make some trinkets or whatnots for the kiddos while I am gone and, voila. It's got a great little pocket just big enough to tuck in a boarding pass. Am pleased. Still working on those whatnots.

Great discussion day. I've got lots of homework! Got a little messy too.

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Unknown said...

I love you***
I love you***
I love you****
Absorb it. Love it. Then get your ass home to all those loven arms of yours!!
You ROCK***