Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm baaaaaack. Again.

Back on blogger for some new adventures. Helping Tricia with her blog and have subsequently become interested in my own Bit Folky Bits, again.

Was planting today, with friends who initiated the gardening project on this -15 celsius day. brrrrrr. Somebody take me to a warm island. Ashtanga is as close to a warm island as I'm going to get these days. It'll definitely do the trick. I'm hooked.

I'll get the photos loaded up tomorrow and perhaps be blogging with the masses more regularly. In the meantime take a look at my etsy faves in the previous post. A result of html past tutorial 101 with Tricia and requisite screaming toddlers this morning!

We've got a box turtle project on the go here. Maybe some highlights are in order?

Hmmm. Must go. I think I smell dog pee.

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