Monday, March 16, 2009

Mind all a flutter.

Phew. It seems as though my mind's all a flutter with projects. Possible clay projects, sewing ideas, redesigning my house, then a yurt. I get really creative around this time of night. Late. When I should be sleeping.

I've got some 'ittens I'm working on for a friend's shop some pots for another shop. Maybe the shop that wants the knits will want some pots and the shop that wants some pots will want some knits. Then I'll definitely need to get some schedule happening around here. A lot of stuff happens in my head but then, poof!

My late night visits to the blogosphere of the crafty ones gets the brainy juices flowing and sometimes sketches even result. Really, I should be making. I hear there are masses in Nova Scotia waiting for Bit Folky jewelry. Coming soon to an Etsy shop near you, soon:

As things get springier around here, I find myself wanting to get involved in a whole other level of dirt. The garden variety. Me and a couple of my main gals got some tomatoes and peppers started the other day. They're my food growing mentors. Old hats. Me? I'm mainly dreaming of the perfect pair of red gumboots that I can weed away in. I'm anticipating feeling a little schooled at the amount of work this whole food production/preservation project madness will entail. C's still got SHELVES of peaches and grape juice. 7 months pregnant and out pruning away at her apricot trees in FEBRUARY!! My food preservation booty from last summer was done with in, oh, October.

Here's a poorly lit photo of some tomatoes just itching to sprout:

Here's me in the current gumboots, a bargain at $2:

Here's Silas after he found some sooty walking sticks in the fire pit. This boy always gets into something mysterious.

Ooooh, how we want to be country! Why? Because this is a Tuesday afternoon in the country.

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