Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tea for the madness.

Some days are just plain madness.

Today was one of those days. Get up. Not enough beans in the house and only a bit of cream. I'm the kind of girl who likes her coffee one way. First, a handmade mug. Not mine. Like this one from Ayumi Horie. Definitely a coveted mug in this house. As the days get warmer, this particular cup is often found, early in the morning, perched on the fence steaming away as I hang laundry on the line.
I add the espresso(if no espresso, melita, if no melita, bodum, if no bodum, old style percolator), then the cream to reach the desired hue of browny goodness and then top with hot hot hot water. The water needs to be hot hot hot because I am often interrupted by one of the 3 amigos, or taking my time with the laundry and the coffee? It gets COLD! An abbomonation, Chris thinks. Me? I just make another one. It's a ritual, you know? Laundry and coffee.
So, right, this morning. This morning there was snow. Snow! There was no laundry and coffee this morning. There was barely coffee. As I TRY to fanagle a decent cup from the few beans that are left, I realize today's a big day. A bisque fire, a long wait in a line-up for passports (3 kids in tow) and art class for Gray. I realize, for a lot of the uber mamas out there, my list is not much. Add on people for dinner the night before and 2 dental appointments and a trip to the vet tomorrow and I'm already to crash. Maybe it's because I know I didn't get to the store to get my Dancing Goat beans today. Priorities people! What was I thinking?

So I get the kiln going and the day is in full swing. We head off, walking everywhere these days, to get some photocopies for the passport peeps, I realize I forgot snacks. My friends will tell you this is not unusual. I am, however, forever suprised at my ability to leave the snacks behind. So we get to the line with all the cranky people who loathe lines, the boys clearly need a playground as they do headstands in line and Nella wakes up. Silas needs to pee. This line is the kind with the ropes. Ropes keeping the cranky line people in line. I break the line rules, leave my place to wheel the stroller out, put the ropes back, get back in line, leave Gray to hold my spot while I take Si to pee. Nella's screaming in the sling and Silas is REFUSING to wash his hands. Keep in mind, cranky line people are very very fond of handwashing. Cue disapproving glances. I borrow a pen from cranky disapproving glance lady to forge my husband's signature(more disapproving glances) on something I think I forgot but didn't need after all. Phew. No laws actually broken.

We get in, all documents in order, given a number to wait again. Then appears a little angel playing his Nintendo DS with some Star Wars game and he's keen to let the boys watch. I'm keen to let them. Desperate. They watch and watch as I wait and finally sit with offical passport peeps as Nella throws all contents of my wallet on the floor. They're still watching. We say fond good byes to angel boy and make a graceful exit. Barely.

Hike home with 3 tired and hungry kiddos, eat an apple, realize we're LATE for art class! Get everyone in the van and off we go. Si doesn't even have shoes at this point. I'm hoping there's some hiding in the van. There is. All is well.

That reminds me: All is well, Sam Amidon. You should definitely listen.

I'm taking a moment though, breathing. Kiln is off, passports applied for, art class was a hit (thanks Nomie!), kids are asleep, husband too, and dogs. Laundry can wait.

Maybe it's time for a cuppa...tea. Mint with honey. Yes. Tea and bowl trimming with a pinch of knitting. Then bed beckons. I changed the sheets today AND everyone's actually in their nighttime pee protection. A rareity indeed. Ahhhhh.

Thank you handmade mug.

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